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H. J. van Wijk, Dibbits, B., Arts, J. A. J., Harlizius, B., Knol, E. F., Bovenhuis, H., and Groenen, M. A. M., Fine-mapping of a meat color QTL on Sus scrofa chromosome 4q., Proceedings of the 8th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 13-18 August, 2006, p. 21.11, 2006.
A. F. Groen, Crooijmans, R. P. M. A., van Kampen, A. J. A., van der Beek, S., van der Poel, J. J., and Groenen, M. A. M., Microsatellite polymorphism in commercial broiler and layer lines., Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics applied to Livestock Production, vol. 21. Gene mapping; polymorphisms; disease genetic markers; marker assisted selection; gene expression; transgenes; non-convention, pp. 94–97, 1994. (237.1 KB)
J. J. van der Poel, Dijkhof, R. J. M., and Groenen, M. A. M., The nucleotide sequence of the bovine MHC class II DR and DQ genes., vol. XVI. Poultry, fish and horse genetics and breeding, growth and reproduction, immune response and disease resistance., pp. 469–472, 1990. (237.44 KB)
M. A. M. Groenen, Dijkhof, R. J. M., and van der Poel, J. J., Organization and regulation of expression of the bovine alphaS2-casein gene., vol. XIII. Plenary lectures, molecular genetics and mapping, selection, prediction and estimation., pp. 79–82, 1990. (258.81 KB)