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A. Sanchez, Angulo, C., Amills, M., Ares, J. L., and Serradilla, J. M., Effect of αS1-casein genotype on yield, composition and cheese making properties of milk in the Malaguena breed of goats., vol. 24: Sheep and goats (fibre); sheep and goats (meat and milk); poultry; horses; buffaloes., pp. 242–245, 1998. (259.87 KB)
C. Angulo, E. Carrillo, D., Munoz, A., Alonso, A., Jimenez, I., and Serradilla, J. M., Effect of electrophoretic goat's kappa-casein polymorphism on milk yield and main component yield., Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics applied to Livestock Production, vol. 19. Selection and quantitative genetics; growth; reproduction; lactation; fish; fiber; meat., pp. 333–336, 1994. (183.04 KB)