On the continent of Africa more than 40 new nations have sprung up since 1960, among which Nigeria is the largest with more than 60 million people. Her area covers nearly 900.000 square kilometers reaching from 4° to 14° North latitude. She can be roughly divided into humid tropics extending over about 1/5 of the country and dry tropics extending over 4/5. The climate is typically two season with a rainfall during the wet season (April through September) ranging from more than 3500 mm in a small strip of mangrove forest along the Southern coast line to 500 mm in the Northern third (Savannah and Sahelian sub-Sahara); and from 500-600 mm to nil during the dry season (October through March). Temperatures vary 25 to 35 °C on the average.

A. Dettmers, D. H Hill

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 3, Madrid, Spain, 811–820, 1974
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