Water buffalo haemoglobin upon electrophoresis separates into two bands (V ella, 1958; Sen et al., 1966; Naik and Sukumaran, 1966; Makaveev, 1968; Abe et al., 1969; Granclu et al., 1972). No clear cut individual differences have been reported so far, with the exception of Khanna and Braend (1968) which found 4 animals out of 507 having three bands (pattern this explained assuming that a mutation occurred at the (3 chain locus) and 2 showing a relationship between Ai and Ai bands different from the common type (pattern this assumed to be caused through heterozygosity at a modyfying locus). In this species two kinds of a chains and only one kind of (3 chain are synthetized (B alani and Barnabas, 1965). The two kinds of a chains are controlled by two structural loci originated by duplication (K ltchen, 1969)

P. Masina, D. Ianelli, T. M Bettini

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 3, Madrid, Spain, 313–316, 1974
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