The remarkable advances in the field of sex chromatin studies in human beings in recent years have furnished new insights into tha diagnosis of many human disorders associated with the errors of sex development due to abnormal sex chromosomal complements which impair the reproductlve efficiency and mental developments The prenatal diagnosia of asx of an expected baby» an old problem of mankind has also been brought beyond guesswork and superstition into scientific raality by sex chromatin technique. Last two decades have witnessed a significant development in the sex chromatin studies of various mammalian speciea. However, in various laboratory, domestic and farm animals reports are sporadic and the available information is limited. This paper attempts to summarise tha application of 9ex chromatin studies in economically important animals for sex chromosomal abnormalities, developmental anomalies of reproductive system and reproductive inefficiency alongwith the role of sex chromatin markers in foetal sex prediction.

S. Bhatia, V. Shanker

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 8. Symposia (2), , 27–31, 1982
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