A simple method for solving mixed model equations of large order is presented for single t r a it models. A comparison of the simple method to a modified reduced animal model procedure for swine indicated the simple method was less time consuming and converged faster than the reduced animal model under the c rite rio n of . 5 / maximum change in solutions relative to the standard deviation of solutions. However, convergence at a .IX crite rio n convergence was dependent on the t r a it being analyzed. Extension of the simple method to multiple t r a i t models is presented, as well as a procedure for estimating variance-covariance matrices by maximum likelihood using a Cholesky decomposition transformation.

Larry R Schaeffer, B. W Kennedy

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XII. Biotechnology, selection experiments, parameter estimation, design of breeding systems, management of genetic resources., , 382–393, 1986
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