The effect of swine lymphocyte antigens (SLA) on different reproductive traits were investigated. 609 sows and 133 boars from two breeds were involved in the evaluation. Reproductive performances were measured by litter size and average piglet weight at birth and at weaning as well as the still-birth rate. Some SLA-haplotypes had significant positive effects on reproductive performances where as others had negative ones. In many cases an increased homozygosity in the litter affected prolificacy as well as average piglet weight at birth. SLA-haplotypes can be used to improve female fertility in a selection program as long as no close antagonistic correlation exist with important production traits.

C. Gautschi, C. Gaillard, B. Schwander, S. Lazary

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XII. Biotechnology, selection experiments, parameter estimation, design of breeding systems, management of genetic resources., , 70–75, 1986
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