Data were collected on 448 pullets belonging to 24 sires of WLH strain to determine the Performance Efficiencylndex at different stages of part production viz 28 wk, 32 wk, 36 wk and 40 w k of age. The PEI at 32 wk was observed to be higher (27.45 + 0.30). The estimate of heritability was found to be low (0.065 + 0.025). However, the genetic & phenotypic correlations of PEI at 32 wk with different economic traits at 32 w k and 40 wk showed desirable trend. PEI at 32 wk showed negative association with age at 1st egg (AFE), Feed efficiency traits (FC/KE, FC/DE) both at 32 wk and 40 wk of age. The Performance Efficiency Index showed a highly positive genetic correlation with body weight (BW),egg weight (EW), egg number (EN) and egg mass both at 32 w k and 40 wk of age. Result indicated the usefulness of Performance Efficiency Index at 32 wk as selection criterion for simultaneous improvement in egg number and egg weight in flocks where genetic variance may be greater.

R. K Shukla, G. M Panda, R. H Patel, N. H Upadhyay

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume X. Breeding programs for swine, poultry, and fish., , 317–322, 1986
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