We have shown that natural resistance to a standardized challenge of B. abortus in nonvaccinated cattle is heritable. Immune parameters that correlate with the natural resistance (R) and susceptible (S) phenotypes are: (a), macrophage (Mo) control or failure to control B. abortus replication in vitro; (b). response of oligoclonal T lymphocyte cell lines to various species of Brucellae; and (c) the IgG2a- A1 & A2 allotypic postchallenge antibody response to B. abortus LPS.

J. W Templeton, D. M Estes, R. E Price, R. Smith, L. G Adams

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XVI. Poultry, fish and horse genetics and breeding, growth and reproduction, immune response and disease resistance., , 396–399, 1990
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