In dairy cattle, estimates of heritability from daughter-dam regression are usually higher than from paternal half-sib covariance, and the genetic variance of bulls is less than that of females. These phenomena are modelled by introducing an extended 1AM (Individual Animal Model) with "male" (hm2) and "female" (hf2) heritabilities. Estimates of hm2 and hf2 were 0.280 ± 0.045 and 0.477 ± 0.052 from a data set of 26 pedigree Holstein-Friesian herds. It is shown that a quadratic approximation of the likelihood surface for the two heritabilities is insufficient, both for the data set and for a hierarchical balanced mating’ design.

P. M Visscher, R. Thompson

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XIV. Dairy cattle genetics and breeding, adaptation and conservation., , 233–236, 1990
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