Experiments are described which evaluate genetic effects on traits usually associated with host resistance. In SLA-defined miniature pigs SLA haplotype was found to significantly influence aspects of antibody and cell-mediated immune response but litter, dam and sire were generally more influential. Evidence is provided for segregation of resistance-related traits by selective breeding of Yorkshire pigs using average estimated breeding values(EBV). The avidity of antibody is independent of guantity but is apparently selected positively with the high group which includes high antibody response.

B. N Wilkie, B. A Mallard, B. W Kennedy, C. Lacey, J. S Lumsden, G. Appleyard

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XVI. Poultry, fish and horse genetics and breeding, growth and reproduction, immune response and disease resistance., , 404–407, 1990
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