Five linear models: Brody, Von Bertalanffy, Gompertz, Logistic and Richards, were fitted to weight-age data from a diallel experiment between Angus and Criollo breeds. A total of 216 Angus (AA), 53 Criollo (C), 20 CxAA and 113 AAxC cows were used. The results were similar for all models, although Richards' function was selected. Individual additive effects favoured Criollo for A (22.2 kg, PcO.01) and Angus for k (.0029, P<0.001). Heterosis effects were significant only for A and k parameters, having values of 4.4% (P<0.05) and 10.5% (P<0.01) respectively. 

C. A Mezzadra, M. C Miguel

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 17. Genetics and breeding of dairy and beef cattle, swine and horses, , 276–279, 1994
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