Polymorphism for 8 microsatellite markers was determined in highly selected commercial broiler (9) and layer (6) lines using mixed (60 animals) blood samples. The average number of alleles per marker was 6.3 over all lines, 5.9 over broiler lines and 3.1 over layer lines. The average number of marker alleles within a line was 3.3, 4.0, and 2.1 for all, broiler and layer lines, respectively. The average percentage of heterozygous animals was 44, 55 and 28 for all, broiler and layer lines. In broilers and layers, 50% and 5% of the marker-line combinations showed a heterozygosity of more than 60%.

A. F Groen, R. PMA Crooijmans, A. JA van Kampen, S. van der Beek, Jan J van der Poel, M. AM Groenen

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 21. Gene mapping; polymorphisms; disease genetic markers; marker assisted selection; gene expression; transgenes; non-convention, , 94–97, 1994
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