A multitrait animal model evaluation for pigs is described. The procedure will replace the old selection index in Finnish station testing practice. Traits in the analyses are daily gain, feed conversion efficiency, fat% in back and loin, meat% in carcass, and meat quality. The model includes station-year cluster, sex, and starting age. Accuracies of the indices are approximated using sparse inversion of the coefficient matrix. The correlation between old indices and the animal model evaluations was .79. Of the discrepancy, 9% was estimated to be due to improper handling of comparison groups and 16% due to ignorance of relationships and mate selection in the old index.

Esa A Mäntysaari, S. Haltia, K. Aakula

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 17. Genetics and breeding of dairy and beef cattle, swine and horses, , 406–408, 1994
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