SUMMARY We have previously reported on factors affecting the efficiency of liposome-mediated gene transfer to chicken sperm cells. The effect of different types of liposomes on the efficiency of trapping of DNA into the liposomes, transfer of DNA from the liposomes to the sperm cells and the fertility of the sperm cells was determined. The optimum conditions were then used to generate transgenic chickens. From 15-25% of the first generation offspring produced carried the foreign gene as determined by Polymerase Chain Reaction analysis of genomic DNA. The foreign gene was also present in a high percentage of the second and third generation offspring produced by test-mating with control birds. However, we were unable to detect significant amounts of CAT protein or activity from these birds. It is possible that these transgenic birds carry only partial copies of the foreign gene.

E. J Squires, D. Drake

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 21. Gene mapping; polymorphisms; disease genetic markers; marker assisted selection; gene expression; transgenes; non-convention, , 350–353, 1994
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