Alternative selection indices were constructed for breeding for both carcass quality and milk traits in dairy cattle, and their efficiency was studied by comparing predicted genetic responses. Particular interest was on loss of response with indices that ignored partially or totally genetic correlations between traits. Also possibilities of restricting increase in live weight of dairy cows, while still breeding for beef and milk production traits, were studied. Simplified indices gave almost same total response as full multitrait index, but relative responses in beef and milk traits differed between indices. All economically sound indices resulted in increase of carcass weight of dairy cows.

A. E Liinamo, Johan AM van Arendonk

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 25: Lactation; growth and efficiency; meat quality; role of exotic breeds in the tropics; design of village breeding programs; n, , 387–390, 1998
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