The objective of this study was to confirm a quantitative trait locus for milk production described in a previous study on bovine chromosome 20 using an independent sample. A total of 1191 progeny tested bulls were analyzed for six microsatellite markers spanning bovine chromosome 20. Using multiple-marker regression, we obtained evidence (P < 0.5) for the presence of a quantitative traits locus in the same chromosomal region an affecting the same trait as described in the first study, therefore confirming genuine nature of this QTL.

Juan Jose Arranz, W. Coppieters, P. Berzi, N. Cambizano, B. Grisart, L. Karim, J. Riquet, P. Simon, P. Vanmanshoven, M. Georges

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 26: Quantitative genetic theory; selection theory and experiments; internationalisation of breeding programs; detection of quant, , 285–288, 1998
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