Nineteen Recombinant Congenic Strains (RCS) are under development by crossing the ADOL inbred lines 63 and 72 that are Marek’s disease (MD) resistant and susceptible, respectively. The Fi were backcrossed to line 63 for 2 generations, followed by yearly generations of brother- sister mating. Characterization of these RCS after 2-4 years of sib matings indicates that at least 4 strains are susceptible to MD despite the small portion (—12.5%) of the susceptible line 72 in the genome. The portion of line 72 genome in the susceptible strains was partially tested by genotyping with microsatellite markers linked to 8 regions containing QTL for MD resistance. These susceptible strains provide a valuable resource to study the complex nature of MD resistance by simplifying a multigeneic trait to a series of single gene traits.

N. Yonash, L. D Bacon, R. L Witter, H. H Cheng

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 27: Reproduction; fish breeding; genetics and the environment; genetics in agricultural systems; disease resistance; animal welf, , 331–334, 1998
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