Heritability and genetic and phenotypic correlations for daily milk yield (MY) and fat content (FC) from third to eighth month of lactation were estimated from 7215 test day records of Saanen and Alpine breeds in Republic of Slovenia. REML estimates were obtained by Powell algorithm using an animal model to individual test day, two trimester and joint data sets. Two trait model concerned MY and FC was performed. Heritabilities through lactation declined from 0,20 to 0,13 for MY and from 0,29 to 0,16 for FC. Heritabilities for first and second trimester were 0,30 for MY and 0,20 for FC. Genetic correlations between MY and FC in each month moderate (from -0,12 to -0,39), while values of -0,26 in first and -0,31 in second trimester were esstimated. MY and FC were also negativly correlated (-0,45) in joint data set. Heritability for MY was higher in first than in second trimester, as it correspond with the most proeductive part of lactation. Other estimated values were similar in both trimesters as well as in whole preiod.

Sreten Andonov, M. Kovac, D. Kompan, V. Dzabirski

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 24: Sheep and goats (fibre); sheep and goats (meat and milk); poultry; horses; buffaloes., , 145–148, 1998
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