Variation in antibody responses to 9 defined antigens of Dichelobacter nodosus (serogroups A- I) were examined in relation to genetic polymorphism with the ovine MHC, and a genetic linkage map covering 75% of the sheep genome. Within 2 large half sib families, 4 MHC haplotypes were associated with differential antibody responses to defined vaccine antigens presented to the host in a multi-valent vaccine. A genome wide scan suggested additional involvement of genes outside the MHC with an immuno-modulating role in antibody response to most antigens.

H. W Raadsma, P. A MacDonald, G. Attard, C. S Wright, K. J Knowler, A. E Beattie, K. G Dodds, John C McEwan, A. M Crawford

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 27: Reproduction; fish breeding; genetics and the environment; genetics in agricultural systems; disease resistance; animal welf, , 327–330, 1998
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