The search for QTL affecting milk production traits is undertaken in Norwegian Cattle using a granddaughter design. Six grandsires with an average of 48 sons each were genotyped for close to 300 DNA markers evenly distributed and covering around 2700cM of the cattle genome. Two and three-point linkage analyses are developed to construct a male genetic map of Norwegian Cattle. Preliminary result of a QTL located on chromosome 6 and affecting milk yield is reported. Keywords: genetic map, interval mapping, QTL, bovine

Gomez L. Raya, H. Klungland, Dag Inge Våge, I. Olsaker, E. Fimland, G. Klemetsdal, K. Ronningen, S. Lien

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 26: Quantitative genetic theory; selection theory and experiments; internationalisation of breeding programs; detection of quant, , 429–432, 1998
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