A crossbreeding program of buffalo between river (Murrah) and swamp types has been studied to help investigate the advantage of heterosis. The karyotype of crossbred buffaloes from various mating combinations were examined by the leukocyte culture method. Karyotypes showed that the diploid chromosome complements of the F, were always 2n=49, while the F2 and F3 resulting from backcrossing to Murrah were 2n=49 or 50, and F2 from inter se mating were 2n= 48 or 49 or 50. The F! exhibited a higher potential to produce milk than other genotypes while maintaining growth characteristics. Milk and visual characteristics followed the % breed composition of the Murrah infusion. The offspring produced from F, inter se matings showed that the unbalanced chromosome complements (2n=49) did not cause infertility. A crossbreeding program of Murrah buffalo over swamp buffalo to improve milk while maintaining growth characteristics is therefore feasible.

A. Na-Chiangmai, V. Chavananikul

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 24: Sheep and goats (fibre); sheep and goats (meat and milk); poultry; horses; buffaloes., , 451–458, 1998
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