Cashmere goat production is widespread in the world. Nei Mongol (NM) Cashmere Goat becomes a major breed of high quality cashmere production in the world. NM is located in northern China, a narrow belt, stretching more than 5000 kilometers from east to west. Vegetation changes drastically in different seasons and regions, and also decrease in the species and numbers from east to west. There are 13 million cashmere goats in total in NM, which amount to 21.67% of numbers of down-bearing goats in all China. Annual production of cashmere is more than 3831 tons, which amount to 39.30% of total yields of down hair in all China. There are 8200 cashmere goats, including 3400 kernel goats, in Inner Mongolia Albas cashmere goat breeding farm (latitude 39°. 06’ N, longitude107°59’E, sea level 1380.3m), which is located in southwestern NM. To our knowledge, increasing cashmere yield without deteriorating cashmere quality is one of the major goals for NM cashmere goat breeders; few studies have been conducted on systematical breeding in NM Cashmere Goats until 1996.The aims of this research were to investigate the genetic variability and relationship, and to make the breeding methods of cashmere goat becoming more and more perfect by using animal model BLUP in this field. We also want a better understanding of the genetic control of cashmere goats from birth to culling in China. The specific objective was to design breeding method for genetic evaluation in order to introduce appropriate method into a breeding scheme for genetic improvement of cashmere goats

J. Li, W. Zhang, H. Zhou, Y. Zhang

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 2002. Session 12, , 12.13, 2002
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