Optimal utilization of indigenous livestock genetic resources is a critical aspect of achieving food security in less developed countries. The International Atomic Energy Agency is currently supporting projects addressing this issue. The IAEA has two primary types of projects to support Member States. The Coordinated Research Project (CRP) involves adaptive research and capacity building. The Technical Cooperation Project (TCP) emphasizes technology transfer. The primary objectives of a current CRP include the genetic and phenotypic characterization of more than 75 small ruminant breeds in Asia and training scientists in both quantitative and molecular genetic methods. A regional TCP in Asia takes a multi-faceted approach to the use of indigenous breeds. Activities vary by country and range from simply improving management and profitability of indigenous cattle to marker-assisted selection.

Paul J Boettcher, J. F Garcia, G. J Viljoen

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 33.17, 2006
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