ASReml and its S language implementation, SAMM, have been widely used in agricultural research over the last decade for the analysis of plant and animal breeding experiments, multi-environment field trials, forestry trials, QTL analysis, for Microarray data and indeed a host of contexts where mixed models apply. ASReml 2 and SAMM, released in 2006, are distributed commercially by VSN-International (www.VSNi.co.uk). ASReml is compiled for 32bit and 64bit computers running Windows, Sun Solaris 8 and Linux. SAMM is available for R and Splus on 32bit Windows platforms and for R on 32bit Linux. The software is available for free 30 day trial from the website. ASReml 2 includes improved pedigree options, analysis of variance, constraining of matrices to the parameter space and facilities for user defined variance structures.

A. R Gilmour, D. Butler, B. R Cullis, R. Thompson

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 27.12, 2006
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