Effects of MC4R and PRKAG3 in different growth backgrounds were examined using commercial pigs subdivided according to their sires' estimated breeding value (EBV) for growth. Traits associated with PRKAG3 I199V (P<0.10) were marbling, moisture and offflavor. A significant interaction between growth EBV and PRKAG3 was observed for hot carcass weight and weight at slaughter. MC4R was associated with pH120, color, flavor and off flavor score. There was interaction between growth EBV and MC4R with pH48, ph120, moisture, percentage of cooking loss and tenderness (P<0.10).

S. EF Guimaraes, Max F Rothschild, E. J Huff-Lonergan, A. Sosnicki, S. B Jungst, M. Yu, S. Lonergan

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.50, 2006
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