Microsatellite loci are the most used molecular markers, since they present Mendelian inheritance, low mutational index and are spread all over the genome in eukaryotic organisms. The microsatellite locus studied here, S0026, is located in SSC16 (16.7 cM). The objective of the present study was to associate the alleles found for the S0026 locus with traits of economical interest in pig production, measured in a F2 population generated by the divergent crossing between native Brazilian Piau boars and commercial sows. S0026 genotypes and the genotype by sex interaction showed significant (P<0.05) results with some carcass cuts and meat quality traits. A more detailed analysis of SSC16 is underway to better identify the regions associated to production traits in this

D. M Paixao, S. EF Guimaraes, D. A de Faria, P. S Lopes, M. IS Filho, M. F Guimaraes, S. R Paiva, M. S Pereira

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 22.54, 2006
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