The association of four SNPs in the leptin gene (UASMS1, UASMS2, E2JW and E2FB) and one SNP in the leptin receptor gene (LEPR) with different fat depots in 800 genotyped crossbred beef cattle was evaluated. The traits included grade fat (GFAT), longissimus muscle intramuscular fat, and 4-bone rib dissected subcutaneous fat (SFAT), inter-muscular fat (IFAT), body fat (BFAT), and fat yield (FATYL). A univariate mixed inheritance animal model was used in the analyses. E2JW and E2FB were association with GFAT (P=0.006; P=0.049), SFAT (P=0.007; P=0.06), and FATYL (P=0.028; P=0.06). The promoter UASMS1 SNP tended to show association with FATYL (P=0.09), while UASMS2 was not associated with any of the traits analyzed. The LEPR SNP was associated with GFAT (P=0.005), SFAT (P=0.019), and FATYL (P=0.034). Thus, leptin and LEPR gene SNPs may have merit in a selection program to improve yield grade in beef cattle.

Flavio S Schenkel, S. P Miller, S. S Moore, C. Li, A. Fu, S. Lobo, I. B Mandell, J. W Wilton

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 03.80, 2006
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