One SNP G/C1413, determining the amino acidic change Gly/Arg, was found in the exon 11 of oviductine gene in two divergent lines selected to increase (H) and decrease uterine capacity (L). The allele C was predominant in the H line. To examine the effect of oviductin genotypes on litter size and its components, a total of 496 F2 females, from the cross of H and L uterine capacity lines, were genotyped for the SNP G/C1413. The three genotypes are named GG, CG and CC. Unexpectedly, the

M. Merchan, R. Peiro, M. J Argente, M. L Garcia, I. Agea, M. A Santacreu, Agustin Blasco, J. M Folch

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 11.20, 2006
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