Effects of using a crossbred vs. purebred trait objective function, and including crossbred halfsib (to genetic nucleus (GN) tested purebred pigs) test data vs. use of purebred (GN) data only in terminal and maternal line development were estimated. The use of purebred and crossbred data in crossbred selection objectives results in higher predictive ability of selected purebred for commercial crossbred progeny performance. Economic gains from crossbred selection objectives (using crossbred and purebred data) were 26% and 19% higher for sire and dam line vs. purebred based selection objectives. Methods that do not combine measuring commercial crossbred (besides purebred) performance with the breeding goal to improve commercial crossbred performance will deliver marginal value (at the commercial level) over the approach focused on the improvement of purebred progeny performance using purebred records only.

D. Casey, M. Perez, D. McLaren, T. Short

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.26, 2006
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