Generic equations were derived using probability and transition matrices to track the flow of genes originating from a purebred or crossbred mating. Cumulative discounted expressions (CDE) were calculated for annual, replacement heifer, cull cow, birth, yearling, and slaughter traits using input parameters observed in the Brazilian cattle population. The genes of a specific sire were tracked through the integrated Brazilian population assuming an initial mating between either a Zebu sire or a Holstein sire and a Zebu female. The relative differences between CDE of trait categories highlights the necessity to investigate further the economic consequences of diverse breeding goals incorporating traits over and above those representing the principle intended use of the sire such as the dairy characteristics of a Zebu sire.

Donagh P Berry, F. E Madalena, A. R Cromie, Peter R Amer

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 31.05, 2006
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