There is evidence that conjugated linoleic acid cis 9, trans 11 (CLA) in milk of ruminants basically comes from mammary synthesis by the action of Stearyl-CoA desaturase (Scd) on the vaccenic acid (VA) provided by the rumen. In dairy sheep, a significant QTL at the 5% chromosome-wise level was detected for the CLA/VA ratio on OAR 22, where Scd gene is located, in a genome scan approach performed on an experimental Sardinian * Lacaune backcross population. This work presents the results of a QTL detection analysis on OAR 22 performed on the same experimental population using a denser genetic map. A QTL was found at the most probable location of 35 cM corresponding to the position of the Scd gene on the available maps (34.5 cM), with LRT value of 57.1. After 100 000 permutations the chromosome-wise probability of no QTL resulted lower than 0.00001 (highest LRT under H0 of 51.1). The QTL substitution effects ranged from 0.5 to 1 residual standard deviation units.

A. Carta, T. Sechi, M. G Usai, M. Addis, M. Fiori, A. Fraghi, S. Miari, L. Mura, G. Piredda, Jean-Michel Elsen, L. Schibler, Francis Barillet, S. Casu

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 12.03, 2006
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