The objective of the present study was to fine map quantitative trait loci affecting carcass merit on bovine chromosome 14 (BTA14) of beef cattle. One hundred and eighty-two markers (170 SNPs and 12 Microsatellites) across BTA14 were genotyped in 28 half-sib families comprising of 420 steers. Significant QTL were detected for ultrasound marbling (UMAR, 20 cM), at P<0.01, ultrasound backfat thickness (UBF, 65 cM), at P<0.01, ultrasound rib-eye area (UREA, 101 cM), at P<0.01 and carcass gradefat (GRFAT, 21 cM), at P<0.05. We successfully narrowed a previously reported backfat QTL region from several centimorgans to 1 centimorgan (P<0.05). In addition, 2 previously unreported QTL affecting UBF and UREA were detected with a confidence interval 64 to 65 cM, at P<0.01, and 98 to 102 cM, at P<0.01, respectively.

E. F Marques, C. Li, J. D Nkrumah, S. D McKay, B. Murdoch, Z. Wang, S. S Moore

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 22.36, 2006
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