The purpose of this study is to estimate genetic parameters for the production, reproduction and subjectively assessed wool and conformation traits in this flock. These results will also be used to quantify the effect of selection for reduced fibre diameter on the other production and subjectively assessed traits. The heritability estimates for body weight, clean fleece weight, mean fibre diameter (MFD) and staple length (STL) were 0.500.04, 0.540.04, 0.630.03 and 0.460.03 respectively. Positive genetic correlations were obtained between MFD and the production, reproduction and subjective assessed traits, except for STL. These correlations are, however, unfavourable in terms of the selection objectives of this flock. Despite these unfavourable correlations, the selection objectives of this flock were largely achieved.

W. J Olivier, J. J Olivier, S. WP Cloete, J. B van Wyk

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 05.09, 2006
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