Nelore beef cattle growth curve parameters were evaluated applying a Von Bertalanffy function in a Bayesian procedure that allowed the estimation of the joint posterior distribution of growth curve parameters, their (co)variance components, and the environmental and additive genetic components affecting them. Parameter a, the estimated mature weight, showed a high additive genetic variance and could be applied as a selection criterion to control adult weight increases in animals selected for higher growth rates. The mature weight and parameter k, related to the maturing rate, presented a high and positive genetic correlation, suggesting that selection for higher growth rates may increase adult weight without substantially changing the shape of the growth curve.

S. Forni, M. Piles, Agustin Blasco, Luis Varona, Henrique N Oliveira, Raysildo B Lôbo, Lucia Galvão Albuquerque

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 03.16, 2006
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