We herein report new evidence that the QTL effects on milk production traits on chromosome 20 in Finnish Ayrshire population can be explained by variation in two distinct genes, growth hormone receptor (GHR) and prolactin receptor (PRLR). Two substitutions showed association with milk production traits: the previously reported F279Y substitution of GHR and a S18N substitution of PRLR. The results provide evidence that the effect of PRLRS18N is distinct from the GHRF279Y effect. In particular, the GHRF279Y has the highest influence on protein and fat percentage while PRLRS18N markedly influences protein and fat yield. In addition, association analysis suggests interaction between these two substitutions. We have provided a reliable embryo diagnostic method for two genes associated with variation in milk traits.

S. Viitala, J. Szyda, M. Lidauer, J. Peippo, J. Vilkki

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 22.03, 2006
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