Records were available from 13,971 piglets and 1,538 purebred Landrace litters of the year 2004. To characterise mothering abilities the sow's reaction to the separation from her litter during the first 24 h after birth, the reaction towards the playback of a piglets distress call and the reaction towards an unknown noise (music) were used. The heritabilities were estimated with a multiple ordered threshold model and rank from h2=0.09 to h2=0.14. The different causes of piglet losses were evaluated as binary traits with survival rate (84.3%), different definitions for crushing by the sow, underweight and stunting. The variance components were estimated with a threshold model and rank from h2=0.03 to h2=0.05. The genetic correlations were analysed bivariate and showed that more responsiveness sows had fewer piglet losses.

B. Hellbrugge, K. H Tolle, Jörn Bennewitz, U. Presuhn, J. Krieter

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.07, 2006
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