The genetic parameters of Pekin (body weight BW and egg number EN), Muscovy (male and female BW) and overfed mule duck (Carcass CW, Liver LW and Magret MW weights and Magret Yield MY) traits were estimated simultaneously in the two parental lines. Heritability values were estimated for Pekin at 0.59 (BW) and 0.24 (EN), for Muscovy BW at 0.28 and 0.58 for male and female respectively. For mule duck traits, heritability estimates were lower in the Muscovy line than in the Pekin line, except for LW which was similar in both lines (0.06 and 0.08). Concerning genetic correlations, LW was negatively related to CW (-0.48) and to BW (-0.28) in the Pekin line whereas it was not related to these traits in the Muscovy line. The results suggest that, for improving overfed mule duck traits, especially meat production, selection should be preferably conducted in the Pekin line.

H. Chapuis, C. Larzul

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 07.08, 2006
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