Blood samples were collected from 571 Holstein and used to determine the genotypes of 8 SNPs within the leptin (6), leptin receptor (1) and growth hormone receptor (1) loci. Seven leptin haplotypes were identified by parsimony. Genotypes were associated with individual milk production, feed intake and body energy. Significant associations (P<0.05) of variation within loci with traits were observed: for leptin with daily milk yield and weekly body condition score; for growth hormone receptor with daily fresh feed intake, daily dry matter intake, daily feed over milk ratio, daily dry matter over milk ratio and cumulative effective energy balance; and for leptin receptor only with daily dry matter intake. Further work is needed to assess the effect of specific haplotypes on these traits and to identify gene actions.

John A Woolliams, G. Banos, Mike P Coffey

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.13, 2006
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