The so called "French Bovine Genetic Disease Observatory" aims at an early detection of hereditary defects in cattle populations. It was built up in 2002 by the INRA Department of Animal Genetics and all representative professional organizations involved in cattle production and breeding. More than 1400 individual descriptions of congenital defects have been received to date. Only two particular defects were recurrently reported. The first one, called "caprine-like generalized hypoplasia syndrome", concerned the Montbeliarde breed. The full genome scan carried out allowed the mapping of the corresponding gene to a 6 cM region of chromosome BTA13. The second one, atresia coli, concerned the Holstein Friesian breed (429 cases reported to date). The biological samples collected (150 calf+dam pairs) will be followed by a molecular genetic study of this defect.

A. Ducos, A. Duchesne, Vincent Ducrocq, A. Malafosse, L. Manciaux, A. Eggen

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.42, 2006
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