This paper reports the ovulation rates, litter size and barrenness of mixed age 15/16 Romney ewes homozygous (BB), heterozygous (B+) and non-carrier (++) for the Booroola mutation (FecB). Introgression of FecB into the Romney breed has resulted in flocks of B+ and BB ewes with very high ovulation rates (4.05 and 6.24 respectively) compared with ++ (2.03). There is evidence that in both FecB genotypes the ovulation rates continued to increase at the rate of +0.07/year (B+) and +0.15/year (BB) after the flocks were closed. Compared with B+ ewes at the same ovulation rate, there was significantly higher barrenness (+7.4%; P<0.01) and significantly lower litter size (-0.17; P<0.05) from

P. A Farquhar, K. G Dodds, G. H Davis

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 04.33, 2006
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