Several previous studies have indicated the presence of gene or gene families involved in fleece traits in different species. The aim of this study was to confirm the location of a QTL on chromosome (CHI) 1 and the location of a new QTL on CHI5 using new microsatellites and enlarged families in Angora goats. The population analyzed had a total of 418 kids from 10 Angora bucks. The number of half-sib offspring per buck ranged between 26 to 73 kids. Eight phenotypic fleece traits were recorded. An interval analysis was performed under a half-sib model using the QTL Express program. Our results confirm a QTL for CVAFD on CHI1 in Angora goats and we found a new QTL for KEMP on CHI5. Nevertheless, new families, increased number of kid in extant families and a fine mapping on the candidate regions should be the next steps to carry out.

E. M Cano, G. Marrube, S. Debenedetti, F. Bidinost, D. L Roldan, M. Abad, Daniel Allain, Hector R Taddeo, M. A Poli

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 05.12, 2006
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