The eigenvectors of daily random regression covariance matrix (K) contribute differentially to different parts of the lactation curve in response to selection. Identifying the genetic response pattern of each eigenvector is essential for effective modification of the shape of the lactation curve. This study demonstrated a methodology for imposing differential restrictions on different eigenvectors according to their impacts on the lactation curve. Implicitly, the restricted index derived from lactation EBV imposes restrictions on the joint effect of all eigenvectors and ignores the differential effects of individual eigenvectors on the shape of lactation curve. Restricting the eigenvectors of K according to their effects is expected to be more effective than restricting the collective effect of all eigenvectors in modifying the shape of the lactation curve.

C. Y Lin, K. Togashi

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 28.07, 2006
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