A search of SNP on the Estrogen Receptor 1 cDNA was performed in a Chinese-European pig line and five polymorphisms were found. Among them a new polymorphism (C1227T) was associated with litter size in this population. Information on 5932 litter records from 2397 sows was used. The T allele of the C1227T mutation was significantly associated with a higher total number of piglets born. The additive allelic substitution effect was estimated to be 0.40 piglets per litter (P<0.03) and no dominance effects were observed. No significant effects were detected for the haplotypes that include the mutations previously reported (PvuII, AvaI and MspA1I). The C1227T ESR1 polymorphism could be useful in this composite line to select boars among full-sib males with the same estimated breeding value for litter size.

G. Munoz, C. Ovilo, J. Estelle, L. Silio, A. Fernandez, M. C Rodriguez

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 22.51, 2006
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