This paper reports first results on parasite resistance from two ovine QTL detection programs, based on genome scan. The first design occurred under natural infection conditions and consisted in Sarda * Lacaune backcross ewes, sired by 10 F1 rams. The second design was based on 2 experimental challenges with Haemonchus contortus of backcross Black Belly * INRA401 lambs, sired by 5 F1 rams. In both designs, QTLs on OAR 3, 12 and 13 were detected in the same chromosomal regions at the genome wise suggestive threshold. Moreover, 2 QTLs on OAR2 and OAR6 in Sarda*Lacaune design, and 1 QTL on OAR5 in BlackBelly*INRA401 were detected.

C. R Moreno, L. Gruner, A. Scala, L. Mura, L. Schibler, Y. Amigues, T. Sechi, P. Jacquiet, D. Francois, S. Sechi, A. Roig, S. Casu, Francis Barillet, J Bouix, A. Carta, R. Rupp

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 15.05, 2006
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