A rabbit line comparison for lipid content, lipolytic activities and fatty acid composition of leg meat and perirenal fat was carried out. Lines A and V had been selected for litter size and line R was selected for growth rate. Twelve animals per group were slaughtered at 9-weeks-old. Line R had a higher fat content in the meat of hind leg than lines A and V. No differences were found between lines in the phospholipids content, neither in lipolytic activities. Differences between lines have been found in fatty acid composition of the hind leg meat and perirenal fat. Line A had lower SFA and higher PUFA than lines V and R in both, hind leg meat and perirenal fat. We can conclude that line origin has influence on meat fat content and in the fatty acid composition. Animals were measured at the same stage of maturity, so we can consider that differences found between lines are genetics differences and no differences due to the degree of maturity.

C. Marin, B. Arino, Agustin Blasco, P. Hernandez

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 13.19, 2006
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