Population level and within-family analyses were conducted to detect PrP locus effect on milk yield and udder morphology in Sardinian sheep breed. Different models were applied according to the animals included in the dataset (sex, only genotyped or all) and using different dependent variables. The overall results led us to exclude either a PrP locus or a linked gene effect on milk yield. AHQ/AHQ genotype showed a negative effect on the degree of udder suspension in the female analyses. This result was not confirmed by males and within-family models. On the whole, our study shows that if different models are used the results may be contradictory. The most suitable strategy would be to perform both a population-level and a within-family analyses based on the genotyped animals and on dependent variables obtained from the official genetic evaluations.

S. Salaris, S. Casu, A. Carta

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 02.11, 2006
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