Two sets of divergent lines were selected, for six generations, on resistance to Salmonella carrier-state after oral inoculation, at one week of age or at the peak of laying, respectively. 1408 adults and 2409 chicken were thus measured. In chicken, contamination levels of the resistant and susceptible lines differed by 2.5 while, in adults, a difference of 15% was observed for contamination rates. Heritabilities were significant for all traits; genetic correlations between chicken contamination level and rate and between resistance measured in chicken and adult, respectively, were very close to zero and slightly negative, respectively.

C. Beaumont, J. Marly, J. Protais, M. Protais, H. Chapuis, E. Lebihan-Duval, J. Trotereau, N. Sellier, P. Velge, G. Salvat

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 15.12, 2006
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