The magnitude of genetic heterogeneity among sires in within dam within sire variation, of which the main component is environmental variation, was estimated on 35-day body weight from a commercial broiler breeding company. Data comprised almost 100000 records of progeny of 377 sires. After correction for sampling the coefficient of variation in within sire variance among sires, CV(VW), was about 15% for both males and females, and fell to about 10% when 2% of extreme observations were removed. Log transformation little affected CV(VW), and the correlation between sire family mean and variance was under 10%. This suggests there is genetic variation in environmental variation, and hence the opportunity to change variability by selection.

S. J Rowe, I. MS White, Santiago Avendaño, William G Hill

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 26.04, 2006
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