The aim of this study was to characterize the distribution of CNV and CNV regions in the Nelore cattle genome. A total of 1,561 animals, finished in feedlot conditions, were used. The PennCNV algorithm was used for copy number variation (CNV) detection. The CNV regions (CNVRs) were appointed by overlapping 73,073 CNVs, identified by the CNVRuler program. The 6,399 CNV regions estimated in the present study cover approximately 8.80 % of the bovine genome. Considering the total of CNVRs obtained by CNVs of all sizes, 35.7 %, 41.0 % and 23.3 % of the CNVRs were copy insertion, copy deletion and both (insertion and deletion), respectively. This study confirms the existence of major structural variations or CNV regions in the Nelore cattle genome.

Marcos VA Lemos, Mariana P Berton, Carolyn Aboujaoude, Fabieli Feitosa, Gregorio MF de Camargo, Lucia Galvão Albuquerque, Fernando Baldi, Guilherme C Venturini

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Methods and Tools: Statistical and genomic tools for mapping QTL and genes (Posters), , 682, 2014
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